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RIP Reaganism (a continuing series, apparently)

What’s significant about this is that the question people were asked included no mention of the quotation’s source (Vice President-elect Mike Pence), or that Donald Trump agreed with it, or that it was in reference specifically to trade.

I should add that, if this poll is accurate, I am among the 33 percent of Democrats who agree. (An equal number of Democrats disagree and the rest are “not sure.”)

Perhaps these graphs are relevant to the discussion:

We’re in uncharted territory.

Update: Meanwhile Trump took to Twitter to insult the democratically-elected president of the union local representing Carrier workers in Indianapolis for daring to point out that Trump lied about the number of jobs the company agreed to keep in the US rather than move to Mexico.

And Trump will appoint as Secretary of Labor the fast-food company CEO Andy Puzder, who opposes any increase in the minimum wage.

For all your talk about being on the side of working folks, here’s a question for you, Donald: