Fidel Castro dies

George Galloway (among many other fools, I suppose) is tweeting his heart out.

Jeremy Corbyn acknowledged Castro’s “flaws” (without saying what they were) while calling him a “champion of social justice.” But even after more than half a century, as the brave Cuban dissident Yoani Sanchez has reminded us, some Cubans receive more social justice than others.

Among Castro’s “flaws” were his betrayal of the democratic promise of a post-revolutionary Cuba and the imposition of a one-party state in which opponents of the regime (including democratic leftists and trade unionists) have been brutally repressed, jailed, tortured and executed.

Instead of honoring Fidel, I choose to remember the American William Morgan, who joined the Cuban revolution, became one of only two foreign comandantes (the other was Che Guevara), opposed Castro when the revolution took an undemocratic turn, and was executed by a firing squad in 1961 on Castro’s orders. May he rest in peace.

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