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Labour Leadership 2016

This is a cross-post from Gerasites

As you will know, the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has ruled that Jeremy Corbyn will be on the ballot for the upcoming Labour Leadership election. What you will also have heard is that Labour Party members (and members of affiliated groups, such as Unite or Labour Friends of Israel)  who joined after the 12th of January will not be allowed to vote as members in the election.

However, the NEC have not scrapped the option to sign up as a Registered Supporter and take part in the election, they have simply raised the price from £3 to £25.

Whilst many are celebrating this as a win for the moderates, it is highly possible that this will lead to only the most ideologically devoted, those with the most extreme views, paying to become registered supporters. We need to try and ensure this does not happen.

We are therefore encouraging you, and all those who wish to see the return of a functional centre-left party in the UK, to sign up as Registered Supporters of the Labour Party and help bring about its return.

To vote in the Labour Leadership election* you will need to:

  • Sign up as a Registered Supporter between the 18th-20th July
  • Pay £25

As late as June, 54% of Labour Members who were polled wanted Jeremy Corbyn to resign as Labour Leaderand this month almost two thirds of polled union members felt he was doing a bad jobThis is a battle we can win.

Please encourage the moderates you know to sign up as Registered Supporters, it is £25 well spent.

We will update this page with information about how to register as it becomes available. We will also be publishing a series of articles from a range of authors, all of which can be found in the category ‘Labour Leadership 2016’.