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Tony Greenstein’s House of Cards

This is a guest post by Paul Bogdanor

A few days ago, Fathom published my detailed exposé of the deceitful methods and antisemitic views of Ken Livingstone’s guru, Lenni Brenner. Tony Greenstein has come to Brenner’s defence. His hysterical reply to me can be read here. My rejoinder is now available here.

From the introduction:

Tony Greenstein is in a state of panic. This is easily judged from the tone of his reply to my recent paper on Lenni Brenner. Calling me “pathologically demonic,” “rabid,” and so on, while reinforcing his insults with a litany of personal smears – all invented – Greenstein fails to answer even one of my claims about Brenner’s systematic misrepresentation of evidence. Instead he tries to divert attention from his hero’s methods by reciting his standard fictions about conspiracies between Zionists and Nazis. The following will be clear at the end of this rejoinder: (a) Greenstein’s claims are false; (b) he must know that they are false.

From the conclusion:

That Greenstein does not believe what he writes must now be evident. His arguments are a house of cards, collapsing at the slightest challenge. He denies established facts, ignores evidence, and manipulates the record whenever it suits his purpose.

If you have read Greenstein’s diatribe, by all means read my response.