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Euphoria In the Extreme


Greetings all. Benjamin Button John Nicolson MP called it right when he described opponents of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act as “sectarian dafties“. All fans are in favour, except for the great many who are not, but they are sectarian dafties as the Sage of Bearsden informs us.

He was being restrained. Had he not been, he may have called them window-lickers or something more fruity.

The need for the Act became clear at final whistle at the Scottish Cup final. Scottish Police Federation general secretary, Callum Steele can be seen showing South Yorks levels of insight in his description of Hibernian fans’ on pitch celebration. Not to mention their offer of physical consolation to defeated Rangers fans.

Steele absolutely gets the root cause of the problem as seen in this instructive images. Routine involvement by the Unionist Rangers fans in far right rammies on 19 September 2014. Apart from the matter of there not being a shard of evidence for this. Or this isolated event also containing rival street-thugs not seen in this isolated picture.

But still, the Duckenfieldesque chosen narrative of identifying one group as social/political enemies deserving of police crackdowns. No, that is not entirely true. Duckenfield was not particularly anti-LFC. This is concentrated on Rangers.

Stung by unkind souls who saw his tweets as partisan and inflammatory, Steele puts his foot down and says anyone not wanting to be spat at or decked at their place of work – or, in the case of departing fans, not be almost knocked over by panicking officers running en masse up the emergency exits to reach the pitch – should pay for security.

The preemptive chosen narrative of drunkenness being to blame was articulated by Justice Minister, Michael Matheson. Calling for alcohol ban at matches to remain. So obvious is this that, even though the fans were by definition, not drunk, it should remain.

The OBFA clearly is working. Yes, a few eggs are being broken such as schoolboys arrested for swearing, or Aberdeen fans being proportionately the largest group arrested, but it is needed to prevent wide scale disorder at matches. This display of euphoria

Instigator of the Act, Kenny Macaskill is quite correct. The OBFA needs to be strengthened. Although he might be misreading the Official Secrets Act.

So, despite the legislation being present to deal with violent disorder, it is right and proper than the Act should be scoured for one compliant section.