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Interpal Joins Labour’s Storm

This news will come as no surprise at all to Harry’s Place readers, but what a day for it to emerge.

Sickening footage of a seven-year-old Palestinian girl ‘stabbing’ Jews was taken at a ‘festival of hate’ partly funded by a UK charity supported by Jeremy Corbyn and Labour MPs, MailOnline can reveal.

The film of the gruesome children’s play was broadcast on Hamas TV last week, with the British charity’s logo clearly visible on a banner behind the stage.

The little girl, dressed in a hijab, is seen pretending to stab two boys dressed as Israeli soldiers, who respond by ‘shooting’ her. Then, amid cheers from the baying crowd, a boy dressed as a masked terrorist massacres the soldiers with a replica semi-automatic weapon.

Eric Pickles reacts:

The Leader of the Labour Party has green-lit radicalisation and incitement to violence via his well-documented involvement with notorious hate preachers and Interpal, which is rightly designated in the US as a global terrorist organisation.

‘Time is running out for Jeremy Corbyn to give leadership to his Party. His lack of decisive action in stamping out anti-Semitism is sickening. The public demands and deserves an unequivocal condemnation of anti-Semitism and a renouncement of the repugnant Interpal.’

Strong words. Entirely justified.

Mr Corbyn is central to all this. For years on end he has been an inveterate supporter of the Hamas service bureau that is Interpal, helping it from Gaza to Westminster. All the evidence mattered not a jot. Corbyn’s “very good friend” Ibrahim Hewitt, the Islamic fundamenalist who leads Interpal, could do no wrong. He was to be assisted with pride. This short clip from 2013 sums it up.

The tape comes from an event that featured a typically nasty constellation of extremists (click to enlarge).

Jeremy Corbyn is far from alone in his party on this issue. Let’s look at some of the other Labour leaders who have backed Interpal.

John McDonnell
In November 2014 John McDonnell attended what he called “a very successful community meeting to discuss the situation in Palestine”. This was among the resolutions at the meeting, he reported:

Second we agreed to circulate information on how the local community can provide practical aid and assistance to the Palestinian people through the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, Interpal and the various Palestinian charities.

In November 2013 McDonnell signed an Early Day Motion saluting Interpal and demanding that the government pressure the US to lift its designation of Interpal as “a principal charity utilized to hide the flow of money to Hamas”. In this initiative McDonnell had Jeremy Corbyn and 17 more Labour MPs for company.

Stephen Timms
“Christian socialist” Stephen Timms has been another supporter. He hosted Interpal in Parliament last October.

Labour MPs Andy Slaughter and Tulip Siddiq also attended that parliamentary event.

Here he is showing his support at anothever event in 2011.

Back in 2009, Timms complained about “unexplained concerns” surrounding Interpal and its banking troubles. Incredibly, he was Financial Secretary to the Treasury at the time. The Treasury is a leading enforcer in the fight against terror funding.

Sadiq Khan
In 2008 the extremist Azad Ali was head of the Civil Service Islamic Society. In that year it held an iftar where “we also managed to raise money for the charity Interpal that delivers humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people”. Who was one of the “distinguished guests” at the iftar? Sadiq Khan. Azad Ali had yet to be digraced at that point. However, he was not in the least difficult to figure out, just like Interpal. Both were obviously part of the UK’s worsening Islamist troubles, and working at the heart of politics.

Lord Ahmed
But of course. At a parliamentary reception in 2009, he had nothing but praise for Interpal, saying it was “very professional and a fantastic British charity, and we want to congratulate them”.

Maybe now Labour will learn. For so long, some of its leaders saw a friendly port in Interpal. They were actually looking at the eye of the storm.