Case against Tommy Robinson dismissed

Tommy Robinson has long asserted that he has been the victim of disproportionate scrutiny by the police and even that the prison authorities deliberately put his life in danger when he was serving a term for mortgage fraud.  It’s difficult to weigh up such charges without expertise – and time.  However, if there is any truth behind these allegations, they should be taken seriously whatever you think of Robinson’s views and affiliations.

Recently, immediately after his return from a family holiday, Tommy Robinson was arrested on a charge of battery relating to an incident while he was in prison last year.  Now the case has apparently been thrown out and – according to this report – the judge questioned police motives behind the arrest.  It would be useful to have further confirmation of events in court.

It’s easier to get outraged about political policing if you sympathise with the politics of those being policed, but harassment of political activists, or the use of frivolous charges against them, needs to be challenged. It would be very interesting to read a full and impartial analysis of Tommy Robinson’s complaints against the authorities – Jamie Bartlett has written well on such issues in the past – given that so much discussion of his situation is (in one way or another) very partisan.