Comedy gold: the ‘stealth supremacism’ of Maajid Nawaz

Vikram Chatterjee’s piece on the Gates of Vienna blog is priceless.  It was like reading a counterjihadist version of this Mo Dawah satire – but the humour here is entirely unintentional.

Chatterjee begins by bemoaning the fact that his earlier exposé of Nawaz as a stealth jihadist had had so little effect:

Nawaz is still parading around on television and in the news media, posing as a liberal.

He then invokes this arresting detail from the Qur’an as the key to Maajid’s supremacist Islamist agenda. Non-Muslims are warned that they may be attacked from an unexpected quarter:

but [the decree of] Allah came upon them from where they had not expected, and He cast terror into their hearts [so] they destroyed their houses by their [own] hands and the hands of the believers. So take warning, O people of vision.

The message of this verse is that the Infidel enemies of Islam will be attacked from a place they had not expected, and that in this way they will bring about their own defeat.

It’s certainly difficult to argue with the proposition that Maajid is an unlikely vehicle for some kind of stealth jihad.  But perhaps he is a playing a very deep game.

Chatterjee backs up his theory with a highly creative reading of the Quilliam Foundation’s website, where it is described as the world’s first counter-extremism think tank..

This jargon-laden, muddled and vague descriptor “counter-extremism think tank” is designed to be forgettable and uninformative, while at the same time it subtly reminds the reader of Islam, which is associated in the minds of the Infidel audience with “extremism” (i.e. Jihad terror). What is memorable about the sentence, however, is that Maajid is being described as a founder of something — what ever that vague and unmentioned something is — which is to be thought of as the world’s first.

This is the language of stealth supremacism.

Right.  It gets better.

What the “world’s first” in Quilliam’s self-description is referring to, subliminally, is Islam. Islam goes unmentioned, because Quilliam practices stealth jihad.


In the place of “Islam”, the vague and forgettable “counter-extremism think tank” is inserted. Notice also that the “world’s first” also conforms with the Islamic notion that Islam was the original religion of all mankind, before others corrupted Allah’s will and produced the Bible.

But it’s not a counter-something-or-other think tank. It is Islam.

By this point I’m reminded of Fluellen in Henry V, another inventive pattern spotter:

I think it is in Macedon where Alexander is porn. I
tell you, captain, if you look in the maps of the
‘orld, I warrant you sall find, in the comparisons
between Macedon and Monmouth, that the situations,
look you, is both alike. There is a river in
Macedon; and there is also moreover a river at

I particularly enjoyed Chatterjee’s deconstruction of Maajid’s Facebook page.

Take a good look at this picture, and ask yourself: what are you looking at?

So, it look like a protest for Malala. But there is another way of interpreting the photo. Although the people are standing in a haphazard way, not in any particular posture, they are all standing in a line. And Maajid is walking by them, his head up high. If one looks at it, keeping in mind his sinister record that I documented in my previous article, the photo appears to suggest that Maajid is to be thought of as a military leader. The young men are lined up, standing to attention, and Maajid walks by confidently, a general inspecting his troops. A man to be feared.

He is worried that Sam Harris has fallen under the spell of this devious deceiver.  (I suppose it is at least welcome to see Maajid granted some agency in that relationship.)

Although I will not adduce the evidence for this here, I believe that for at least two years Harris been the target of a highly sophisticated campaign of deception, organized by the international pan-Sunni supremacist group, Hizb ut-Tahrir, and its front organization, the Quilliam Foundation.

I’ve heard people say a lot of things about Quilliam, but Hizb-ut-Tahrir front organisation is a new one on me.

Apparently Harris was beguiled by people pretending to be ‘Muslim atheists’ (maybe those closet Islamists of the CEMB Forum):

From there, they were able to induce Harris into having a “conversation” with Maajid Nawaz, producing their book, and then using the book and book tour events and media appearances to shop Nawaz around the globe to Infidel audiences, eager to find a friendly face among Muslims.

I was particularly interested to learn that the many Muslims who attack Maajid are also all in on the plot . They are only pretending not to like him

in order to deceive Infidels.

Hat Tip: Jamie