Russia,  Utter Clowns

Caithness Calling, Caithness Calling, Haw Haw Haw

This is a guest post by Bespoleznyi Idiot

A year and a day after Boris Nemstov met a Blackadderian end by accidentally tragically shooting himself four times in the back might appear as almost an inappropriate time to express delight at appearing on the Russian Federation’s international radio station as expressing delight calling for the dismantling of the British nuclear deterrence on the Russian Federation’s international radio station, but a Scottish MP has done just that.

Criticism was swift, including from normally SNP friendly and anti-Trident sources:

This is not attempting to “peacefully influence others through dialogue” any more than George Lansbury was doing so when offering to have tea with Hitler. Although, Lansbury’s excuse was that he was a Christian pacifist and holy fool.

Other incredulous observers with no ax to grind on Scottish politics arrived. Such as Edward Lucas:

Further insight into the mind of a genuine idiot can be seen here, with minor piano key.

Update: This is not the first time he has opposed a NATO member. Last week what appeared to be a scoop that the Czech Republic was selling L-159 jets to Iran turned out to be a failure to distinguish between Iran and Iraq coupled with altering crucial words in a written answer from David Cameron to imply that he had control over the defence procurement of a foreign state.