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Another journey to the center of Ted Nugent’s mind

And this one isn’t even slightly amusing.

Old-timers may recall Nugent as the guitar whiz for the 1960s band the Amboy Dukes, who had a hit with the quasi-psychedelic “Journey to the Center of the Mind.”

More recently the mind of Nugent– a member of the board of the National Rifle Association and an ardent “gun rights” advocate– has taken an increasingly disturbing turn.

Even after the “Motor City Madman” said these things, Texas’s Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott was pleased to have Nugent join him on the campaign trail in his successful run for governor in 2014.

Watching the 2016 campaign for president, I have no idea what Republicans’ threshold for outrageous behavior is; after Donald Trump approvingly repeated, to boisterous cheers, an audience member’s shout that Ted Cruz is a “pussy” for not unequivocally endorsing waterboarding, I’m not sure there is a threshold. But I hope none of them would choose to be identified with Nugent after he posted this vile antisemitic garbage on his Facebook page (click to enlarge), including former “Jew York City” mayor Michael Bloomberg:

Don’t anyone who has paid attention to Nugent’s recent political outbursts claim to be shocked by this.