Why not bomb Al Aqsa TV?

After yet another stabbing assault, I’m wondering why the Israel doesn’t launch targeted attacks on Hamas’s Al Aqsa TV, which broadcasts to both Gaza and the West Bank, and any other media urging Palestinians to kill Jews. reports that Al Aqsa “has been devoting nearly all of its air time over the past four months to encouraging attacks and keeping the flame of the current terror wave burning.”

Interviews with relatives of terrorists are a daily occurrence. “I am the mother of the heroic martyr Muataz Qasim, who was killed in an heroic act near the village of Jaba,” the mother of one terrorist told the channel. “Muataz was a kind, young, handsome man, who never hurt anyone and always loved the al-Aqsa Mosque. In fact, his favorite thing in the world was the al-Aqsa Mosque.”

To complete the picture, the heads of the station, based in the Gaza Strip, set up a new studio decorated with burning tires, barbed wire and a wall of graffiti showing Palestinians holding knives and stones. The station’s hosts wear black and white keffiyehs to show solidarity with Palestinians who confront the IDF.

Clearly the continuous incitement to murder provides just cause for an attack on Al Aqsa’s studios, transmitters or anything else that enables them to churn out this poisonous propaganda.

Is there anything holding Israel back?