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More on the trail of a beautiful young man

You will recall the terrorist support group Cage insisting that Mohammed Emwazi was actually a “beautiful young man” when they worked with him in London between 2009 and 2012.

He did become a terrorist better known as “Jihadi John”, sure, but that only came later, at the end of a long road of “harassment” by the security services. It was MI5 that “radicalised” him, naturally.

Now we have a rather different account of Emwazi’s trail, provided by Islamic State, the terrorist group he joined in Syria. It appeared in “Dabiq”, the house magazine. There we read that Emwazi saw the jihadi light as early as 2005, the year of the “blessed raids” in London:

Around the time of the blessed raids that rocked London and its transport system in “2005,” and while the jihād in Iraq was at its peak, with the announcement of the Islamic State of Iraq being made the following year, Abū Muhārib began to embark upon the path of hijrah and jihād. He would busy his days with jihād-related work together with his brothers in creed, including Bilāl al-Barjāwī and Muhammad Saqr (may Allah accept them), both of whom would later be killed in separate drone strikes in Somalia early in 1433AH.

I love the scare quotes around “2005”. Even our calendar is evil and must be ostentatiously rejected, you see.

The Islamic State eulogy also offers this deeply appropriate line:

The Prophet said, “War is deception”.

Yes, this was Emwazi’s way, and Cage too are a pack of liars.

The Islamic State salute also recounts another episode in Emwazi’s life which shows just how beautiful he was:

Of the deeds that attest to his kindness and generosity is that after receiving a sabiyyah (concubine) as a gift he did not hesitate to give her away – likewise as a gift – to an unmarried injured brother

You can read the whole account in this copy of the Dabiq issue, from pages 22 to 23.

By the way, the East London Mosque is doing its bit for Cage. Last weekend it hosted the “Al-Ikhwaan Cycling Club” on its premises before they set off on a fundraising ride for Cage. They collected £14,000.

Why doesn’t the mosque donate £14,000 to a fund for the families of the victims of terrorism?