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Marco Rubio’s last line of defense

As you watch this, remember: this guy is supposed to be the reasonable alternative for Republicans desperate to prevent Donald Trump or Ted Cruz from being the party’s candidate for president.

I have nothing in principle against Marco Rubio buying a gun to protect himself and his family if he really feels the need, as long as he passes the required background check. But does he really believe that a gun “is the last line of defense between ISIS and my family”?

Exactly whom is this supposed to impress?

Believe me, Marco– if the Islamic State attacks your neighborhood in West Miami, I don’t think a gun is going to do you much good.

Watch to the end to see the creepiest smile and “Thank you” ever.

Update: I might take Rubio more seriously if he hadn’t opposed another line of defense against IS— namely legislation that would prevent people on the FBI’s terrorist watch list from legally obtaining firearms or explosives; and if he hadn’t misunderstood exactly who is on that list.