Israel’s Other Extremists

It should go without saying but it clearly does need to be said. Killing people, torturing people and setting them up for said treatment is a bad thing.

Best to say it in language even a child can understand. Torture is bad. Murder is bad. So when someone explicitly states he hands names of people over to the Palestinian Authority to be tortured and then killed it is clear, or rather should be clear that this is a bad thing.

Apparently it isn’t.

Apparently now we’re in a situation where we pick and choose which extremists we attack and which ones we don’t.

I am referring of course to the recent television program which exposed left wing activists for doing precisely the above. Giving away names of individuals for torture. One man by the name of Ezra Nawi in particular was caught on film boasting about the fact that he was handing names of Arabs willing to sell land in the West Bank to Jews. That’s a picture of him above. He was recently arrested while trying to flee Israel.

Sadly human rights groups closed ranks around Nawi. The more left wing the group, the more reluctant they were to criticise. And so it seems that even right and wrong is about left and right in the holy land.

For what it’s worth I’m against Israeli occupation because I think it will take Israel down with it. I’m in favour of persuading people to come around to my point of view by using logic and arguments.

It seems that if you believe enough in anything all of that goes out of the window and forcing people around to your point of view or murdering those who disagree is all par for the course.

What this incident makes clear is when it comes to human rights there are enough extremists to go around.