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Corbyn on “fascinating” Bolivia

The Telegraph reports:

Jeremy Corbyn has revealed he would choose to live in Bolivia – the socialist South American nation – if he had to move away from Britain.

The Labour leader said he spent time in the country while a teenager and found its development in recent years “absolutely fascinating”.
Pushed on where he would live if not Britain, Mr Corbyn said: “Scandinavian countries I admire. I admire what Bolivia has achieved particularly in the elimination of poverty, sustainability on the environment and sharing out its mineral wealth.

“It’s very interesting what’s happening in Bolivia, it’s a reflowering of the indigenous cultures in Bolivia which I find absolutely fascinating. I went to Bolivia first when I was 19. I went back two years ago, very interesting.”

The fact that Corbyn would even answer a question like that demonstrates what a political idiot he is.

(Hint, Jeremy: The correct answer to the questions is, “There’s nowhere other than Britain that I would want to live.”)

But I do sort of agree with Corbyn on one thing: There is something rather disturbingly fascinating about a nominally socialist country that took a huge social step backwards last year by allowing children as young as 10 to work (previously the minimum legal age for working was 14).

As I wrote at the time:

Somewhere, Newt Gingrich may be smiling.

Here’s a report from The New York Times on child labor in Bolivia:

The fact that many desperate parents allow their young children to work, or that some children want to work to help support their families, does not make it any more acceptable. I wonder if Dr. Jorge Dominic, who defends child labor as part of Andean culture, would allow or encourage his own 10-year-old child to work.

Do Dr. Dominic and Bolivia’s “socialist” government really believe that children as young as 10 can work without undergoing massive endangerment and exploitation?

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