Are we still all Charlie?

The response of people will likely be outrage at the terror atrocities currently under way in Paris.

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume this is the work of the so called Islamic State.

I don’t know whether Paris is a particularly soft target or whether there is some specific reason the Jihadis hate France. I do know that the French government have stood firm in the face of terror before and that their courage and determination to counter this enemy should make certain European neighbours hang their heads in shame.

Now they are paying the price for joining the air campaign alongside the United States and for being a serious player in the war on terror. My heart goes out to the families of the victims, the total death toll is currently being placed at around 150. It is likely to rise.

Here is the sound of the first suicide bomber blowing himself up during the France V Germany football match. The President and Interior Minister were present at the game.


Wikileaks seemed to be bizarrely rejoicing in the attack:

A bizarre take on the situation indeed. Or perhaps not so bizarre considering the fact that HP has been writing about this insidious ideology which has people thinking that any attack on a Western country is richly deserved. That radicalization is an inevitable side effect of foreign policy and that any death at the hands of a terrorist is not the fault of the terrorists but of the government of the citizens who are murdered.

Let’s wait and see what Corbyn has to say about this. Perhaps he’ll condemn the French security services for not arresting the terrorists in the theatre but killing them instead.

Whatever hashtag goes around as a result of this atrocity it won’t mean anything. The only thing that matters is whether people understand that terror of this kind is something that must be fought…and killed.

Alec adds: I wonder what Bruce Crumely ex of Time Paris desk is saying now. “Good luck cleaning-up all that broken glass outside le Petit Cambodge“?

Alec adds 2: Dunno what Corbyn will say, but the organization he chaired until just two months ago says this: