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SNP MSP Sandra White “in error”

If a politician retweets this grotesque antisemitic image, it’s career over, right?

Wrong. Not even close. SNP MSP Sandra White did just that and her party simply brushed it away:

After the JC brought the tweet to the SNP’s attention on Monday, a party spokesman said: “This tweet was re-tweeted in error and has been removed from Sandra White’s account. Sandra apologises for any offence caused.”

“In error”? It’s as if she had wanted to pass on some important economic news, say, and pasted the wrong link into her message.

Come on. You spread that image only if you are a fanatical hater.

And what about White herself? No comment.

Sandra White has not yet directly responded to the incident.

This is of course but one scene in a nasty political life.

Here she is just last weekend teaming up with the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) at another Israel hatred rally in Glasgow. She was one of the speakers.

The SPSC manages to make its counterparts in England look rather mild. SPSC thug Mick Napier spoke alongside White at the Glasgow rally. Napier is currently facing charges of racially aggravated trespass for his antics at a Glasgow mall and separate charges of assault at a JNF event.

This clip will give you a good idea of what Sandra White’s comrade is like. It shows Napier at the Khomeinist hatred rally known as Al-Quds Day. He shrieks about Israel committing “genocide”, rejects Zionism as “a criminal conspiracy”, celebrates violence in the UK, and dreams of the annihilation of Israel.

For people like White, demonstrations are never enough. No, the pilgrimage to Hamas is also obligatory. Here she is meeting Hamas Damascus in 2009. She had Clare Short and Jenny Tonge for suitable company.

The man on the left in the picture above is Hamas Lebanon leader Osama Hamdan. He’s a charmer. Try his blood libel talk:

Anything Israeli is instead anathema. And I do mean anything. Even a theater troupe.

WE, the undersigned artists, media workers, academics and campaigners, write to protest against the Underbelly’s programming of a show entitled The City, by the Israeli company Incubator Theatre, during the forthcoming Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Here she is shouting about boycotts and sanctions. She even wants sanctions against “Israel’s friend, America”.

Here’s SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon speaking last September.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has recognised the fears of the Jewish community over rising antisemitism, telling a meeting at Glasgow’s Giffnock and Newlands Synagogue complex that one instance of antisemitism was one too many.

“This is a community that are scared in many respects but are nevertheless determined to stake their claim to the country they live in and say to me that they want these concerns addressed. I hope that the message I was giving them of solidarity was well received.”

Sandra White is a good test of those words. So is SNP MP Tommy Sheppard, who is due to host a Hamas front and a Gilad Atzmon fan in Westminster next Tuesday.

Well, Nicola?

Alec adds: What is it about those who oppose antisemitism in every fibre than they cannot recognize it when it almost literally is goosetepping in front of them? The Scottish scene has form for being off the wall even by PSC standards. Mick Napier previously has justified the murder of 15 year old yeshiva students on the grounds they were future soldiers being trained to kill non-Jews in ways which anyone versed in classical antisemitism will recognize. And doing so with links to Radio Islam.

Or, John “whoops I just linked to CODOH and called Israel a hydra-headed monster against human development” Wight.

Setting aside the Betty the Bike level of error required to retweet in error, “Throw lowly staff under the Butcher’s Apron bus” Wight saw a clear and unambiguous example of Protocols-style antisemitism from a well kent name. This should be seen as no different from disseminating Britain First links which got Highland councilor Drew Millar removed from the local LibDem group.