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SOAS: School for Hate and Terror

Last September David Cameron named and shamed SOAS for hosting extremist speakers. The response from SOAS was risible:

Laura Gibbs, Soas registrar, said: “We were disappointed to see that the announcement… by the Prime Minister’s Office includes some inaccuracies. We have not hosted any extremist speakers in the last year, or indeed the recent past…. We take our duty of care to our community and our legal obligations very seriously.”

Student Rights quickly pointed out how wrong Gibbs was, noting a parade of some of the country’s worst hate preachers and terrorist cheerleaders.

Some six weeks on, nothing has changed. SOAS remains a school for hate and terror.

Earlier this week the SOAS Muslim Students Association (MSA) held a “Brothers Behind Bars” event.

The MSA had a clear view on due process: blunt rejection.

The most obvious victims of this state repression are the wrongly imprisoned Muslim prisoners.

In this picture from the event Cage figurehead Moazzam Begg is speaking. Note the big “Free Munir Farooqi” banner.

This is Mr Farooqi:

Three judges at the court of appeal in London rejected a challenge brought by Munir Farooqi, who was given four life sentences in September 2011 at Manchester crown court.

Farooqi, of Longsight, Manchester, was at the centre of a plot to radicalise and persuade vulnerable young men to “fight, kill and die” in a jihad in Afghanistan.

He was captured in a police sting when two undercover anti-terrorism officers infiltrated his group wearing secret bugging devices.

Farooqi was told he must serve a minimum of nine years before he can be considered for parole after being convicted of preparing for acts of terrorism, three counts of soliciting to murder and one count of dissemination of terrorist publications, following a four-month trial.

Farooqi was inspired to go to Afghanistan after the allied invasion that followed the September 11 terror attacks. He joined the Taliban as an “active terrorist” but was captured and jailed in November 2001.

By May 2002 he was released by the authorities in Pakistan and headed back to Manchester where he turned the family four-bedroom home into a “production centre” for propaganda, with a collection of 50,000 extremist books, DVDs and CDs.

Farooqi had the kind of accomplices you might expect. Two of them were convicted alongside him. Here’s convert Matthew Newton:

During the year-long sting operation in 2009, which involved two police officers being converted to Islam and radicalised, Newton was recorded repeatedly asking an imam, “can we kill Jewish people?” and calling Jews pigs in antisemitic tirades during Koran lessons at a south Manchester mosque.

For his part, Farooqi

…believed that Jews were the “Shaitan” (devil)”, and would eventually be killed by Jesus.

A perfect hero for SOAS, eh.

Next week Begg will be back at SOAS, this time speaking to the Islamic Society.

The Society has had Cage in before. In recent years it has also hosted terrorist cheerleader Uthman Lateef, Wasim Kempson of the awful Al-Muntada mosque in London, Hamza Tzortzis of iERA, the extremist propaganda outfit of Abdur Raheem Green and Yusuf Chambers, and our dear old friend Azad “Kill British Soldiers” Ali.

Maybe the clowns who run SOAS would like to treat us to another joke?