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Stephen Timms and Labour’s Pit

You might think being stabbed by an Islamist extremist would make you very aware of the gravity of the threats the UK is facing.

But you would be wrong in the case of Labour MP Stephen Timms, for he is no such man. In the same week that his fellow Labour MP Gerald Kaufman was spewing raw ancient hatred language, Mr Timms was doing his own digging in Labour’s pit by hosting Interpal in Parliament. Here he is (second from right) with Ibrahim Hewitt (right), Interpal’s chairman.

Interpal is at the heart of the Hamas UK network and its chairman Ibrahim Hewitt is a nasty fundamentalist. So nasty that even Oxfam found him too much:

Oxfam has cancelled an exhibition which was due to take place on Friday after Left Foot Forward presented information to the charity detailing homophobic and potentially anti-semitic comments made by one of the organisers.

The ‘Gaza: Through my Eyes’ exhibition was due to be hosted by Oxfam and Ibrahim Hewitt, a trustee of the Hamas-linked organisation Interpal who has called for the punishment of apostates and homosexuals.

Mr Hewitt has previously referred to the “so-called Holocaust” and has written that homosexuals would suffer “severe punishments” in an Islamic state for their “great sin”.

Hewitt tends to become shifty or indignant when his record is noted. As you would expect – his critics have his number. Consider this Newsnight segment, where Maajid Nawaz takes him on. Hewitt has several minutes to reject brutal sharia punishments. Does he? Of course not.

Hewitt’s much happier with his master Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas and his fellow Interpal trustee Essam Mustafa.

This is how bad it gets. Here Essam Mustafa joins in chanting for Hamas, jihad and martyrdom with Haniyeh. This event took place in Gaza during a “Miles of Smiles” convoy in February 2013. “Miles of Smiles” is one of Interpal’s Hamas support operations.

No worries for Mr Timms, of course. I trust a “thank you” note from his Dear Leader has winged its way to him.