Beating up a Rabbi at Knifepoint

Here’s an extremist doing his bit to increase hatred for the state of Israel:

The victim is Arik Ascherman he is a member of Rabbis for Human Rights. They were near the settlement of Itamar at the time to help Palestinians harvest olives. According to police it was the rabbi’s fault:

“Police say Ascherman was part of a group of left-wing activists that accompanied Palestinian villagers to their fields to harvest olives.

According to police, the harvest ended peacefully but the activists then started to “provoke” right-wingers who were nearby and a “confrontation ensued.””

Here’s a bit more:

“According to a statement by Rabbis for Human Rights, the harvest ended peacefully but the activists then saw a group of Jewish extremists stealing olives while on a second hill another masked extremist attempted to set several olive trees on fire. Ascherman said he then confronted the Israeli and attempted to put out the fire. The man warned him to stay away and when he refused to do so, assaulted him, hurling rocks and then pulling out a knife. He attacked and beat Ascherman.”

It was reported in the Times of Israel, Haaretz and JPost, the Jewish Daily Forward amongst others. More examples I suppose of English language websites that call themselves pro Israel and yet report these negative goings on in the Holy Land.