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Seumas Milne Hailing Jihadi “Resistance”

Wearying laments about the “root causes” of terrorism are not enough for Seumas Milne.

They are a staple of his far left repertoire, of course. It’s always our fault when jihadis strike. All good comrades know this.

But they do not suffice for Mr Milne. His heart goes much farther and sometimes his words follow. In truth, Mr Milne backs the killers of British troops and finds their “successes” very exciting.

See him do it here in this talk on “imperialism” in 2011.

Milne starts with a grateful nod to the rapping idiot Lowkey, who launched the meeting with this message:

There will always be a moral difference between imperialism and legitimate resistance to that imperialism.

Soon enough Milne hits his natural stride:

But there is another side of this picture which is maybe the more positive one. Now the past decade has been a period of huge global crimes. But it’s also been one, I would argue, of historic advances. First of all, the war on terror and the resistance to it, particularly in Iraq and now Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the Arab and Muslim worlds has in fact exposed the limits of US military and western imperial power.

Got that? The likes of the Taliban and al-Qaeda are scoring ”advances” for the cause. All hail!

He goes on to remind the audience of their call, saying “our job” in Britain is:

…also to support those resisting imperialism around the world.

He’s such a fine match for his master.