Writer for the Intercept calls Daily Beast Columnist a ‘Porch Monkey’

This is a cross-post by Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs

Speaking of racism, as we were in the previous post, today a writer for Glenn Greenwald’s The Intercept website called Daily Beast columnist Maajid Nawaz … a “talking monkey.

Some of Hussain’s readers reacted with surprise and outrage…

And at that point, Hussain doubled down and used an even more offensive racial slur

Then he tripled down:

Nawaz’s response:

If Hussain worked for any other publication, this could very well get him fired. But the Greenwald crew is well-known for their double standards and hypocritical viciousness, so it’s very unlikely Hussain will even be reprimanded for using a noxious racial slur to smear one of his political enemies.

(Note that I have real differences with Sam Harris and Quilliam — the group Nawaz is affiliated with — and their approach to Islam, but that’s beside the point here. This kind of rhetoric has no place in any discussion, and especially not from a publication that purports to be anti-racist.)

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