The PSC stage another hatred rally in London

The self-styled Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has long been known for its hateful rallies. They are so bad that the PSC should be considered a sort of BNP of the far left.

Yesterday’s scenes on the streets of London were no exception.

Let’s start with this charming placard. It’s the satanic Jewish child murderer, complete with horns, who should be hanged. This has of course been a favoured motif of the worst haters for centuries. Hezbollah flags are in the background.

The woman brandishing that placard had words to match. See her shrieking “blood drinking swine”.

Here another demonstrator has a solution for Israel – genocide.

The Israel Advocacy Movement provided this description:

This was shot at the PSC’s anti-Israel protest at Downing Street today. The emergence of so many videos from this event of antisemites shows the world exactly who the PSC are and what they stand for.

This Hamas supporter would do the BNP proud. “Go back to Poland!”

The obligatory and utterly base “Nazis” taunting.

Where would be without money slurs? Here you go.

This is how the Zionist Federation described what they saw at this point:

Within minutes of pro-Israel supporters setting up our own solidarity rally, we were approached by this gentleman. Despite the claims that anti-Israel activists are only motivated by concerns for “justice” and “human rights,” he soon began brandishing a penny at us. “Here’s a penny…that’s all you understand…you understand money!” he said – proving that it was open anti-Semitism, not anything else, which motivated him to be there.

We are pleased to report he was later taken away in handcuffs.

The PSC won’t give a damn about any of this. Don’t believe any weasel words. What you see above is the PSC in action on a normal day.

Why should it care anyway – its leaders have made the pilgrimage to Hamas in Gaza and are themselves inveterate haters. Here Sarah Colborne and Hugh Lanning meet Haniyeh in the company of key Hamas UK operatives. Oh joy, aren’t we all so happy!

Moreover, all of this has long been just fine by Labour. Many of its MPs are keen to work with the PSC, including inviting it to Parliament.

No prizes for guessing that one of the most enthusiastic of all is PSC patron Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour MPs Richard Burden, Jeremy Corbyn and Andy Slaughter doing their bit for the PSC at a Labour party conference