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Jeremy Corbyn’s “very good friend” Ibrahim Hewitt

A Very Good Friend

Watch Jeremy Corbyn hailing his “very good friend” Ibrahim Hewitt, the chairman of the British charity Interpal.

This is no courteous nod to an unfamiliar man at a meeting. On the contrary, Corbyn says he has “got to know Ibrahim Hewitt, the chair, extremely well” and salutes him for doing a “fantastic job” at Interpal. Indeed, here he is with Hewitt in Gaza on a trip paid for by Interpal.

The video clip above comes from an Interpal conference featuring some of Britain’s very worst extremists, including Lauren Booth, Uthman Lateef, and Yvonne Ridley (click the poster to enlarge). Perfect company for Corbyn!

For a flavour, try Lauren Booth’s speech at the conference, where she spits about “Jewish terrorism”.

Interpal Serves Hamas
Interpal is a cause very close to Corbyn’s heart. Of course it is – Interpal serves Hamas.

Here is Hewitt with his fellow Interpal leader Essam Mustafa and their master Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas.

Here Hewitt pays his respects at the Gaza grave of Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin.

This is Awlaki fan Ibrahim Dar of Interpal Bradford, overjoyed to meet Haniyeh.

Here is Zaid Hassan of Interpal Birmingham in his joyous moment.

This picture shows Interpal’s Gaza office welcoming Ahmad al-Kurd, a key Hamas leader.

Interpal also shepherd Islamist fellows on their pilgrimages to Hamas. Here key Corbyn ally and friend Mohammed Kozbar (right) of the Finsbury Park Mosque and Mohamed Ali Harrath of Islam Channel (second right) meet Hamas hardliner Mahmoud al-Zahar while sporting Interpal vests. More happy days!

A Good Friend of UK Extremists
Back at home, you’ll find Ibrahim Hewitt in the company of all sorts of extremists. The conference noted at the top of this post is but one example. Here is another typical picture. It shows Hewitt grinning with notorious Israel haters Stephen Sizer and Ahron Cohen of the bizarre Neturei Karta sect at a conference where they all spoke.

Here he is joining the terrorist cheerleaders of Cage and one of the worst extremist speaker rosters ever seen in the UK.

Hewitt is also “Senior Editor” at MEMO, the hate publishing operation run by Daud Abdullah of Istanbul Declaration infamy. The CST recently summed up MEMO neatly, including its connections to Corbyn:

MEMO has featured repeatedly on the CST Blog for peddling conspiracy theories and myths about Jews, Zionists, money and power. This has included questioning the suitability of Matthew Gould for the post of UK Ambassador to Israel simply because he is Jewish. MEMO also continued to spread the untrue story that the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ film was a Zionist plot to stir up hatred of Muslims, several days after it had been widely established that the film was made by Egyptian Christians.

Simply put, a Labour Party leadership candidate should not be going anywhere near an organisation like MEMO. Corbyn, though, has an association with MEMO going back several years. In 2010, Corbyn visited Israel and the West Bank on a MEMO delegation. It was MEMO who brought Sheikh Raed Salah to the UK in 2011, a visit defended by Corbyn even though Salah had made a speech in Israel in 2007 that used the antisemitic blood libel. Salah has since been found guilty of inciting a riot and inciting antisemitism on charges that MEMO denied existed. This was part of a pattern of dissembling and evasion from MEMO throughout Salah’s visit to the UK.

Hewitt’s Nasty Islam
All of this comes as no surprise, for Hewitt’s Islam is nasty and brutal. See for yourself in his “What Does Islam Say?” booklet. Some samples:

– Civil partnerships for homosexuals “sound the death knell for marriage and family life, having catastrophic social, economical and moral consequences”.

– Homosexuals commit “a great sin” which would be “severely punished” in a society under Islamic law.

– The only question is how vicious the punishment should be: “Muslim jurists have held differing opinions concerning the punishment for this abominable practice, some stating the punishment for fornication, while some stating the death penalty for both the active and passive participants.”

– Don’t be weak about it, since society itself is at stake: “While such punishments may seem cruel, they have been suggested to maintain the purity of the society and to keep it clean of perverted elements, allowing for the spiritual development of its members in an ideal environment.”

– In fact, homosexuals are as bad as paedophiles: “If people have such desires, they should keep to themselves, and should control their desires to avoid forbidden practices. The advice would be the same as, say, to someone who had sexual desires for minors or for close family: that having the desires does not legitimise realising them. Islam aims at closing all avenues that might encourage evil practice which could corrupt and pollute the whole society.”

– If you’re straight and married, fool around and you will die: “Married men and women found guilty of adultery are to be stoned to death.”

– Though it can be different for men, naturally. Not happy with your wife? Get another one! “If a woman is unable to satisfy the sexual or other needs of her husband he may consider taking another wife.” Women are offered no such choice, of course.

– Apostates need to be very, very careful: “For the crime of apostasy, it should be borne in mind that in an Islamic State, Islam is the basis of the State, not just the State religion. Any act of apostasy that results in open rebellion against Islam is, therefore, an act of treason. Even in Britain, the penalty for high treason is death.”

A Moth for Horrible Flames
Even Oxfam found Hewitt too much last year, when it cancelled an event where he was due to speak.

But not Mr Corbyn, oh no. He is at Hewitt’s service, irresistibly attracted by the very horror that normal people find so repulsive.