Corbyn Just Can’t Help Meeting With “Dodgy People”

Poor Jeremy Corbyn.

Try as he might, he just can’t help ending up sitting side by side with racists, conspiracy theorists and far Right nutjobs.

Here’s the latest, from a couple of months ago. He’s being interviewed by the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia.

Who are they?

Here’s the relevant extract from Wikipedia:

The Citizens Electoral Council of Australia (CEC) is a minor nationalist[1] political party in Australia affiliated with the international LaRouche Movement, led by American political activist and conspiracy theorist[2] Lyndon LaRouche. It reported having 549 members in 2007.[3] They have been described as “far right”,[4] “fascist” and “lunar right,”[5] as well as “ideologues on the economic Left.”[6]

That describes Jeremy Corbyn and his constituency pretty well.

This is priceless:

The Anti-Defamation Commission of the Australian branch of B’nai B’rith (an international Jewish organization) has published a Briefing Paper with details of the CEC’s alleged antisemitic, anti-gay, anti-Aboriginal and racist underpinnings. The document cites CEC publications and quotes former CEC members.[7] The CEC in turn has published a response to the ADC’s accusations and described the ADC “as a front for Queen Elizabeth’s Privy Council, the ruling body of the British Commonwealth.”

As revelation after revelation pours out about their man, I’m still waiting for a single Jeremy Corbyn supporter to say:

“Oh fuck – I’ve really called this wrong!”

Nobody yet has. I wonder how long it will take.

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