Far Right

National Action’s ‘White Man March’

Today National Action plan to march through the centre of Liverpool. For some background to this extreme far-right group, here’s a link to last year’s cross-post from Student Rights, and their report on a brutal attack on a man because he ‘looked Asian’.  The neo-Nazi group insists that only white people can be British and seeks to emulate Greece’s fascist Golden Dawn party.

Like the far-right group which recently protested against Shomrim in London (but unlike many anti-Islamisation organisations) National Action is both anti-Israel and antisemitic, and last year one of its members was imprisoned after he sent antisemitic tweets to Labour MP Luciana Berger.

Their stated philosophy surreally combines the rhetoric of white supremacism and jihadism – a kind of grudging respect for Islamism seems to be one of its hallmarks.

We are National Action and we are the White Jihad, because our generation needs something to fight for. We are carrying out a holy struggle to give the White European Race its soul back, and to get justice for our people. Our flag is black and our motto is “Long Live Death!” because only those who are willing to die for their beliefs are truly alive. This is not a difficult decision to take for anyone who sees the beauty in art, in a flower, in a sunrise, in a white child – deep down we all accept that a world without love, laughter and the promise of a better future would not be a world worth living in. Some things are worth fighting for.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that they see Muslims (all Muslims) as anything other than the enemy.

And make no mistake the enemy are at the gates, just like they stood before the walls of Vienna in 1529. And they have agents and insurgents already inside our communities, living amongst us, sallying forth with their entitled mind-sets to collect welfare, sell drugs, pimp women and hover about school gates to select their concubines from among our nubile maidens.

In his recent post Jacobinism demonstrates that the distinction between violent and non-violent extremism is false, or at least exaggerated:

First of all, Islamists all believe in both the political and the violent application of Islam given that, once established, an Islamist theocracy will reserve for itself a monopoly on violence with which to enforce Islamic law

National Action’s policy statement on violence is an interesting illustration of this point:

By contrast National Action is radical – which means it is at the far end of the political spectrum but only advocate legal violence, ie through the Law. Our ultimate aim of a white Britain can only ever be achieved through state power and the complicity of state institutions, such as Police, Army, Intelligence Services, etc.

An anti-fascist counter-demonstration is also planned for today.