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Vive Charlie Respond To Criticism About Paul Weston

This is a cross-post by John Sargeant at homo economicus

Vive Charlie 19th issue responds to criticism of Paul Weston, Chairman of Liberty GB, being invited to the Mohammed Cartoon event as a guest speaker. They confirmed they were “happy” for him to speak. This was at odds with the hopes of one of their contributors who hoped they would express their disgust. As I mentioned prior to the 19th issue:

Will Vive Charlie publicly mention how “disgusted” they are at Paul Weston’s presence? Possibly not. Jihadist Joe is not into that “marxist labelling” he told another blogger. Rather, I suspect it will be more on the lines that free speech means that we should listen to everyone and any attempt to close off anyone’s access should be resisted. Also, that hosting in support of free speech is not the same thing as supporting what a guest speaker thinks or has to say. I suspect the language will be a tad more colourful in making these points against the PC brigade.

The problem is the difference between free speech – I have on this blog given everyone a chance to hear what Paul Weston has to say in a youtube video about white genocide and his Andrew Neil interview – and giving a solidarity platform that emboldens the far right. Rather than the right for all to draw what the hell we like and those offended will just have to get over it, this is about ensuring we do not condone a politician that wants to ban all muslims from public office.

In the 19th issue of Vive Charlie, they mention “criticism has steadily increased because Paul Weston is due to speak at the event after being invited to do so by Sharia Watch.” They do not spell out why people are so critical of Paul Weston and Liberty GB – suggesting instead  “the desire by some to control who gets to have freedom of speech and who doesn’t.”

You can read the rest of John’s post here – and do look at the other recent posts he has done covering developments with regard to Vive Charlie and Sharia Watch.