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Jeremy Corbyn on homeopathy

Just for the moment:

Set aside Jeremy Corbyn’s mention of his friends in Hezbollah and Hamas and his support for the antisemitic Raed Salah.

Ignore his refusal to be interviewed by The Jewish Chronicle when he learned who was to conduct the interview.

Never mind his solidarity with the repressive regimes in Cuba and Venezuela.

Forget that he essentially blamed Russia’s aggressive behavior in Ukraine on American “expansionism.”

For the moment, let’s focus on his belief in the utterly discredited practice of homeopathy.

“They both come from organic matter.” What the hell does that mean?

If Corbyn still believes this nonsense, his grasp of science is on about the same level as that of Republican Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, who believed he disproved the existence of global warming by tossing a snowball on the Senate floor.

But then, I suppose, Corbyn can borrow a trick from Republicans by simply saying, “I’m not a scientist.”