Well done to a South Carolina Republican

Some of our commenters are wont to complain that my posts at Harry’s Place are overwhelmingly pro-Democratic and anti-Republican. This I freely admit. Those who are troubled by this may be able to find one or two blogs that that are more favorable to Republicans and more to their liking.

However I hope I am fair-minded enough to acknowledge when Republicans do something genuinely praiseworthy.

For example I have had my share of posts mocking the eminently mockable Sarah Palin. But I also posted about how I thought she was a pretty good governor of Alaska.

I wrote about how I could easily vote for the Republican mayor of Belhaven, North Carolina, who walked 273 miles to Washington, DC, to draw attention to the closure of the only hospital in his rural area, and to call for expanding Medicaid in his state under the Affordable Care Act.

And I’m sure I could find many issues on which to sharply disagree with South Carolina Republican state representative Jenny Horne. But I have nothing but praise for her principled stand against amending the bill which will finally remove the Confederate flag— which she correctly identified as a “symbol of hate”– from the grounds of the state capitol in Columbia.

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