A statement on behalf of the Mannan family

This statement has recently been released, confirming that the Mannan family are indeed in Syria and alleging that they all travelled there freely (although of course three members of the Luton family are young children).

Yes, all 12 of us and why should this number be shocking, when there are thousands and thousands of Muslims from all corners of the world that are crossing over land and sea everyday to come to the Islamic State? That are willingly leaving the so called freedom and democracy that was forced down our throat in the attempt to brainwash Muslims to forget about their powerful and glorious past and now present.

Missing from the statement is any assertion that foreign policy drove their decision.  But there are one or two references to Islam. It goes without saying that, as Tom Holland puts it, IS is not synonymous with Islam. But it’s increasingly ludicrous to insist on a complete disconnect.