"Ikhwanophobia",  Jabobite Jihadis,  Scotland

Donald Where’s Your Bomb Belt?

From the hot-bed of Islamophobia and routine discrimination which is Inverness comes reports of an unnamed Muslim man a grenade pin breadth away from joining ISIS. Speaking to the Press and Journal, Habib Malik said:

“This is deeply worrying. Previously we had Rakib*, which was a huge shock. I don’t know the circumstances of the Inverness case, but any element of radicalisation of someone in Inverness is just shocking.

“In a global village, with the internet, it is so easy now for individuals living in remote areas to connect with other parts of the world and get hooked up with the wrong club. It’s disturbing.”

He added: “Parents try to keep an eye on their children, especially with the internet and so many communication channels available nowadays. It is difficult to monitor.”

* Rakib is Abdul Rakib Amin, another Jacobite Jihadi reported in July 2014 to have been killed in Syria. The P&J says his father is a close friend of the self-described community leader, Malik.

Another point to note about Malik is that in the accompanying photograph for the P&J, he is wearing a gillet with an Islamic Relief logo. Unlike “Rakib”, Islamic Relief at least makes a pretence at being charity workers.

Separately from these current reports, a name which might not be immediately recognizable to Harry’s Place readers is the Minister for International Development and Europe in the Scottish Government, Humza Yousaf. One name which should be is a cousin, Osama Saeed last seen here doing a bunk to Qatar – as head of PR for al-Jazeera – after sucking-up hundreds of thousands of tax-payers’ money for the Ikhwani fan-group, the Scottish-Islamic Foundation (note the hyphenation).

From March 2013, Yousaf can be seen promoting and offering yet more public money to Islamic Relief; assisted by the now deputy leader of the SNP, Stewart Hosie. What this press-release does not make clear is that his fellow Dundee constituency MSP Shona Robison is, in fact, his wife; as so many SNP elected representatives are closely related.

Shortly after promoting Islamic Relief above, Yousaf and his entrouage (including his own wife) travelled to Qatar for a “trade trip”. Quite what Scotland had to offer is unclear, given that Qatar does not need oil and is unlikely to publicly accept whisky or haggis. It is unclear if he visiting his cousin because he himself is even more unclear on what he actually did there, having grudgingly admitted that no diary entries exist for this junket.

Quick to blame lowly admin staff for whom the buck should stop well after, he has offered some commentary on raising the issue of migrant workers in Qatar. Recall that it was flunkies who finally leaked details of the Westminster expenses scandal to the national press after they saw just how liberal the great and merely powerful in Parliament were with our money.

It would be interesting to go back over SNP documents to see when they first became concerned about this because reports from this time do not mention this in great detail. And any I expect any document offered in evidence to be clearly date-stamped lest suspicions of their falsifying press-releases occur.

Perhaps there is more on Twitter, which Yousaf assures us was used to announce the trip; and of course Twitter now is an official newsfeed for the Scottish Government.

Yousaf has insisted that this is “not the work of the Illuminati or the Knights Templar”, and:

The reason given at the time of that press report absolutely stands – that there was a clerical error not just on that visit but on a number of visits, and I accept that point.

Now it takes time, of course, for that clerical error to be rectified, so we will hopefully publish that updated list soon.

To be honest, my first thought is that this wideboy has got a whiff of other people’s money and was making the most of it in the same way Alex Salmond managed to ‘‘forgot’ about £54k on his entourage’s trip to the Ryder Cup in 2012. This included almost £6k spent on the first night for a steak dinner. Was the entire beef herd of Illinois on the table?

This grovelling tone is in stark contrast to the normal vituperition which comes from Yousaf et al. I almost would say he is worried about something. Hey, wait a minute, is the FBI not getting interested in dirty deals done in and around Qatar?