Labour victory in Tower Hamlets

Labour’s John Biggs has been elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets, replacing Lutfur Rahman, sacked over corruption charges.  Rabina Khan attracted nearly as many first preference votes, but Biggs easily overtook her once second preferences were taken into account.:

Speaking after his victory was confirmed at 5am, Labour’s Mr Biggs said the win vindicated a campaign against what he called Rahman’s “corruption and illegal practises”.

He promised to restore confidence and lamented the “enormous tension and friction” between communities that he said the previous regime fomented.

Rabina Khan acknowledged that some of her opponents offered a positive alternative vision, but added this rather barbed comment:

“It was always going to be a difficult election – on one side were the combined resources of the Westminster parties, aided by right-wing tabloids and powerful institutions, and on the other side were local activists.

But some of the nastiest attacks against Khan came from rather different sources.