UK Politics,  Vote 2015

Murdoch on Miliband

This article, not surprisingly, is receiving a lot of attention, particularly from indignant Labour supporters.  As I fit into that category myself, I’d be particularly interested in the responses of non-Labour supporters to the report.   It is claimed that Rupert Murdoch instructed journalists on his tabloid titles to be much sharper in their criticisms of Labour, and warned executives that a Labour government would try to break up News UK.

It is understood that Mr Murdoch reminded executives that Labour would try to break up News UK, which owns The Sun,The Times and The Sunday Times. The party has suggested that no owner should be allowed to control more than 34 per cent of the UK media, a cap which would force News UK to sell one of the titles.

A source said: “Rupert made it very clear he was unhappy with The Sun’s coverage of the election. He basically said the future of the company was at stake and they need to get their act together.”

However a Sun source has denied that editorial decisions are affected by corporate concerns.