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YAB: Israel is now worse than Hamas

With one stupid and offensive article in The Independent, Yasmin Alibhai Brown has single-handedly wiped out whatever good she has done by calling out Islamist extremism.

First, there’s the headline, for which she may or may not be responsible:

The bravery of those many Jews who fight for a fairer Israel

But when you read the article, you find that she is not referring to Jews who are fighting for a fairer Israel (who indeed deserve respect). She is referring to the likes of Miriam Margolyes, Moshe Machover, Deborah Fink and Mike Marqusee. They all, to one degree or another, detest Israel, blame it alone for the problems of the Palestinians and for worldwide antisemitism, and would not mourn its disappearance as a Jewish state.

And she dares to write:

Hamas is a wicked and dangerous force in the Middle East. But Israel is now more wicked and dangerous.

No, Yasmin. Many of us are unhappy that Benjamin Netanyahu will continue as prime minister of Israel and are worried about the country’s future. (When in Israel’s 67-year history have its supporters not worried about its future?)

But even under Netanyahu, Israel is not more wicked and dangerous than Hamas. Not even close. (For one thing, the many Israelis who openly oppose Netanyahu are free to speak and write and demonstrate against him. Gazans who dare to criticize Hamas are not so lucky.) If you actually believe this claim, you are profoundly ignorant at best. If you know better, but are claiming it anyway, you are far worse than ignorant.

(Hat tip: Martin Gust)