Hate Preachers

The Wisdom of Abu Eesa Niamatullah

Invite Abu Eesa Niamatullah to your events if you want to be known as an extremist outfit.

This is just what the Islamist political agitation group MEND is doing. The Manchester preacher will speak at four of their meetings in April.

Let’s take a closer look at the wisdom of Mr Niamatullah.

Whitewashing Terrorists
Hhugs is an extremist charity dedicated to supporting the families of imprisoned terrorists. Have a look at its event speakers and its supporters. They are some of the worst terrorist cheerleaders and hate preachers in the land, including Cage figures, Haitham al-Haddad, Murtaza Khan, and Uthman Lateef.

Hhugs is currently being investigated by the Charity Commission.

Abu Eesa Niamatullah thinks Hhugs is just great. Here he is telling Muslims to support this “wonderful charity” in its work for “oppressed people”. Note in particular how he dismisses terrorist arrests and prosecutions:

When you are thrown into prison for no reason, complete injustice, lies a lot of the time as well.

Death for Insulting Prophets
During the Sudanese teddy bear blasphemy madness, Niamatullah wrote a long lament about British Muslims speaking up for Gillian Gibbons.

He wasn’t sure about the merits of this “case”, but he does offer this Islamic certainty:

For the record, the Fuqahā’ (experts in jurisprudence) have agreed that the intentional istihzā’ (insulting) of the Prophets (upon whom be peace) is an act which leads to the death penalty, whether the perpetrator is a Muslim or non Muslim.

Appropriately enough, one of the British Muslims who intervened for Gibbons was Baroness Warsi, who is due to speak alongside Niamatullah at one of the upcoming MEND events.

Happy Muslims and Music? No Thanks
The “Happy Muslims” video made Niamatullah livid. He dismissed Muslims having fun as “slaves”:

The image which came to mind after a few moments was of slave masters watching their slave girls/boys amuse, dance and entertain them as they twirl their moustaches happily. Yes this is a metaphor and our brothers and sisters are not slave girls, but what is worse is when a Muslim makes that conscious decision that what they have from their Deen and their values just isn’t “good enough” and thus “let’s use the medium of popular culture instead regardless of whether it fits an Islamic ethos or not”. This is of course the real slavery. The slavery of the mind. The music etc wasn’t so depressing for me; it was watching a people fall even more into subservience.

Even the notorious hate preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi is too soft, you see. He is to be respected but reproved:

If we were to see the actual real scholarly voices that permit the use of music, and you would be able to count them on one hand frankly and that doesn’t diminish our respect for them by the way, then I say this: from this group would be Shaykh Abdullah Judai’ and Sh Yusuf al-Qardhawi. I would love to see their reaction to seeing what happens in this video and then ask them, “Shaykh, we make stuff like this because we follow your fatwa that music is allowed.” I think you’d better prepare to get slapped lol.

Denigrating Western Society
This clip shows him hitting his anti-western stride. He regrets the victories for homosexuals’ rights, belittles democracy, and compares us to animals. Sharia is much better, he tells the audience, for it is fixed and enduring. Without it, mankind will “go to the dogs”.

An “Absolute Extremist” on Women Working
Niamatullah has no time for women in the workplace. He’s proud to be an extremist on this topic.

I also want to briefly mention something about women in the workplace: I am an absolute extremist in this issue in that I don’t have any time for the opposing arguments. Women should not be in the workplace whatsoever. Full stop. Yes we need women doctors and dentists and all the rest of it but there’ll always be Muslim women who’ll go ahead and do that anyway, whatever the scholars tell them so let them go ahead. As for the rest of the practising Muslimat: after 17 years of experience in the workplace, I simply cannot imagine how we will safeguard our Islamic identity in the future and build strong Muslim communities in the West with women wanting to go out and becoming employed in the hell that it is out there. I don’t feel the need to offer any explanation. That’s just the way it is. I’ve seen far too many families split up, childrens’ lives ruined and ones Islamic development curtailed for myself to ever support women being outside the family home more than they already are.

Antisemitism and Support for Hamas
Where would a hate preacher be without the Jews? Ah, here they are. In a nasty message about Palestine, Niamatullah reminds Muslims that Palestinians are fighting the “prophet killers” described by Allah in the Qur’an. It’s not about the Israeli government, oh no, it’s all about Jews.

Because they have a track record in this insanity. By Allah, read the Qur’an properly. Understand what Allah tells us about these people. They find it so easy and natural to do what they do. For unjustly killing their prophets, for saying “our hearts are closed”. Allah gave them a specific warning not to kill, knowing this about them, but they didn’t stop.

Look at them today. Look at the way that they massacre. They blow up babies like as if it’s a computer game. They have no humanity, no morality, no ethics, no deen (religion), no guidance, no light, nothing. So don’t be surprised what’s going on out there from them. We expect nothing less from them. And they’re killing the prophets without any right, Allah says. To murder the best of people walking, the prophets, that’s what they did. So what of a few Arabs and their kids these days? So what?

Niamatullah also hails the “heroes” of “the resistance” in the video. He means Hamas, of course.

Furthermore, if fighting gets you down, you are no good Muslim. In this post on Gaza, Niamatullah draws on a particularly twisted Islamist idea – war is joy and depression is for bad Muslims who do things like neglecting jihad.

Alhamdulillah (thank God), by virtue of our īmān (faith), we delight in the fact that all those in Gaza and indeed all other troubled areas who are killed are shuhadā’ (martyrs) and in fact our depression should really be for the rest of us who live in a state of sin and continue to earn the wrath of Allah jalla wa ‘alā for not fulfilling our various obligations, from hijāb to the five daily prayers at their required times to the neglecting of Jihād itself.

All in all, Mr Niamatullah is just perfect for MEND.