CJ Werleman – Champion Shark Jumper

This is a cross-post by Sci-Lo Green

CJ Werleman has surpassed himself. His positions become more and more irrational….

Who is CJ Werleman? If you don’t know him, find out here. He’s a writer who’s been shown to be a serial plagiarist. He admitted (not the full extent) and apologised (if you can call it that) here.

He then, in a blame spreading exercise, went on to accuse (a clearly exasperated) Sam Harris of the same charge. See the rebuttal here.

Now, in the land of Twitter, this is all old news. Just provided as a bit of context for those unaware of the kind of character who would go on to write what I’m going to comment on below…..

The Chapel Hill murders were senseless, abhorrent & too recent to currently pass informed comment on. Hate crime? Maybe. Parking dispute? Maybe. Tragic loss of lives? Certainly. No-one honest would try to make a pseudo-political football out of this issue would they? No-one honest would, no. Then there’s CJ.

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