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David Cameron and Muhammad Salah

Top Tories are not shy when it comes to rhetoric about Islamist hate preachers. Here is David Cameron just a few days ago:

He insisted countering the threat was about more than just military action. “We have got to go after the hate preachers, we’ve got to go after the radicalisation.”

The reality on the ground looks rather different.

The hate preacher Muhammad Salah began his UK tour today at the al-Muntada mosque in west London. It is one of London’s worst mosques.

Look at him saying apostates from Islam must die.

This is a putrid and totally unacceptable message. No “only in an Islamic state” sugarcoating makes it any better.

Mr Salah is also on record delivering a death cult call for jihad against Israel, making vicious statements about Muslim women who marry outside the faith, and serving Huda TV, a channel for hate preachers, as its “religious adviser”.

Perhaps Mr Cameron could ask the Home Office to explain why death cult preachers are still being welcomed to the country he is so keen to defend.