Hate Preachers

Murtaza Khan and the Lewisham Islamic Centre

Step in Murtaza Khan to round up a look at the Lewisham Islamic Centre and its imam Shakeel Begg.

Khan is one of the most overtly brutal extremists in Britain today. He is fond of vicious language, aggressive delivery, and lethal messages. To know this quickly, see him here saying homosexuals should be killed.

This kind of violent rage has long been welcome at the Lewisham Islamic Centre, where Shakeel Begg leads.

Khan did his part with a burning call to jihad in a talk recorded at the mosque in August 2009.

Reaching a peak of fury in that talk, Khan tells Muslims to envisage a beautiful time of victory, with religious authority as his witness:

“When the time is right, [be] stern towards the disbelievers. I am not promoting these views, even in the hadith you will find that you walk in the road, when Muslims are dominant, they made sure that the non-Muslims were pushed against the wall.

That’s what Islam says but I’m not pushing that view in these days because I could be on my way to Belmarsh very soon [the audience laughs]. But the point is that when Islam is dominant, you have the right to show the power and the dominance of Islam. Even walking in the streets you shouldn’t give them way.”

An Islamic brownshirt state is what Murtaza Khan wants.

Shakeel Begg’s mosque is a place to bring it on.

For more, see Shakeel Begg’s own support for jihadis and read about his mosque welcoming hate preachers Haitham al-Haddad and Abu Zubair.

Should Mr Begg persist with his ludicrous lawsuit against the BBC, hopefully one reward for his exploits will be some entertainment in the courts.