What the BBC should do: unsolicited advice from a Yank

Protests over the BBC’s invitation to George Galloway to appear on a Question Time panel in the London constituency with the UK’s largest Jewish population seem rather beside the point.

And they are allowing Galloway to play the role of free speech martyr:

Galloway, after all, famously walked out on a debate with Israeli student Eylon Aslan-Levy at Oxford in 2013, declaring, “I don’t debate with Israelis.”

What the BBC should do– what every decent Brit should insist it must do– is invite Eylon Aslan-Levy to appear on the panel with Galloway. If he is unavailable, surely another Israeli willing to debate Galloway can be found.

Then it’s up to Galloway: Does he go back on his word and make a fool of himself or does he once again walk out and make a fool of himself?

Update: Perhaps someone can ask Galloway why he felt the need to retweet this:

And Heinrich Himmler was a devout anti-Zionist. Your point, George?