Dress Down Friday

“Bye bye New Jersey, I’ve become airborne”

With the unveiling of the latest prototype of the Slovak-made “AeroMobil,” perhaps we are getting closer to the era of the flying car. Or not.

the fourth prototype of the flying car, the ‘aeromobil 3.0′ features a number of advanced technologies that shortens its take-off time. it transforms in seconds from an automobile to an airplane, and incorporates many improvements to the previous ‘2.5‘ model. this latest steel framework and carbon coated transformer was presented at the pioneers festival 2014, in vienna.

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As serious rock-and-roll fans know, this was foreseen nearly six decades ago by the noted scientific and engineering visionary Professor Charles Berry:

However Professor Berry envisioned a feature that the AeroMobil still lacks: the ability to lift off directly from the road in order to escape pursuing law enforcement officers. The good news is that another company, Terrafugia, is developing a car with vertical takeoff capabilities for just such occasions.

Professor Berry’s vision may at long last be fulfilled!