Reports of Orthodox opponent of Israel driven from Manchester home

Gene’s latest post touches on the way sites are selective about which stories they cover – in this case reporting the assault on a Palestinian-American youth by Israeli police, but not the effective Israeli investigation.

I thought it would be interesting to invite discussion of a story originally reported by the perfectly respectable Manchester Evening News, then smugly shared by Ben White, and since picked up by sites I don’t particularly want to link to.

If the account is true, and an aggressive group of Israel supporters really drove this man away from his home by a campaign of vandalism and intimidation, that’s obviously appalling, whatever one thinks of the target’s political views.

An Orthodox Jewish man who spoke out against Israel’s bombing of Gaza has fled his home after it was vandalised twice and he was assaulted.

Downstairs windows at the property in Curzon Road, Higher BroughtonSalford, were smashed, eggs thrown at the property and graffiti daubed on the door and window sill.

The victim’s car was sprayed with red paint.

Police say they are treating the attacks as hate crimes.

The man is understood to have moved out of the terraced property after being targeted by a mob of up to 30 people.

The victim had expressed his views in the local community and also on King Street, in Manchester city centre, which has been the scene of protests by pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli groups.

If accurate, this still seems an anomalous situation, and those who have reported it do not mention the fact that the CST recorded the highest ever monthly total of antisemitic incidents in July.