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Owen Jones and Tim Llewellyn

This post was published in August 2014. Since Owen Jones is engaged in pious bleating about antisemitism yet again these days, it has been republished to remind readers how worthless his words on this subject really are. The CST also covered this event in 2014. So did Owen Jones pull out? Of course not. Here he is, listening to Llewellyn moan again and again about those “powerful”, “wealthy”, and “well-funded” Zionists at the very top of “The Establishment”.

Some of you will have seen Owen Jones posturing about antisemitism in the Guardian two weeks ago.

That was pretty rich when Mr Jones repeatedly lines up with some of the most deranged Israel haters in the country.

But let’s give him a chance. Perhaps he doesn’t understand the hatred very well.

So here are some examples of antisemitic language. Will he learn?

The tricky use of immense power:

Eager to help in this insidious process, squatting there in the gardens of Kensington, is the Israeli embassy, emanating influence and full of tricks, with many powerful friends and supporters.

Even surnames and accents advance the nefarious cause:

He also denounced broadcasters who invited the “insidious” former US ambassador to the Middle East Denis Ross, without fully identifying him.

Mr Llewellyn said: “What a lovely Anglo-Saxon name! But Denis Ross is not just a Jew, he is a Zionist, a long-time Zionist… and now directs an Israeli-funded think tank in Washington. He is a Zionist propagandist.”

Mr Llewellyn declared: “The Israelis appear in studios wearing suits. They’ve learned all sorts of tricks. They are wizards at communication; they speak 10 different sorts of English, from American to South African to Canadian.”

The “alien” slur is another old stand-by:

No alien polity has so successfully penetrated the British government and British institutions during the past ninety years as the Zionist movement and its manifestation as the state of Israel. From the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917, in which the British Foreign Secretary said his government “view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people,” (before Britain had taken possession of Palestine from the Ottomans), through the twenty-six year history of Zionist exploitation of the British Mandate at Arab (and British) expense, to Britain’s scuttle from Palestine in 1948 and the creation of Israel and the catastrophe for the Palestinians, and up to present-day connivance by the United Kingdom government with America’s unremitting political and media support for Israel and its daily violation of international laws and conventions on Palestinian lands, the Zionists have manipulated British systems as expertly as maestros, here a massive major chord, there a minor refrain, the audience, for the most part, spellbound.

So is citing the ugly language of American right wing nuts:

As Senator [sic] Pat Buchanan once said: ‘Congress is Israeli-occupied territory.’

Careful out there kids, the plotters start young, going for the banks and the media, of course!

One is the Union of Jewish Students, which elbows and induces Zionistically inclined undergraduates towards influential positions in British public life, especially the media, the banking sector and information technology.

Just one man made all these statements – Tim Llewellyn.

You can read more about him on the CST blog and this post by Richard Millett.

Where will Owen Jones be this Thursday? Speaking about, ahem, the British media and Israel, alongside Mr Llewellyn. Oh, and Ken Loach, who has said he finds antisemitism “understandable”.

The organiser of the meeting is the self-styled Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which insists it opposes antisemitism but just somehow manages to attract and promote haters again and again.

The host of the meeting will be Amnesty International, home of Kristyan “spot the Jewish MPs” Benedict.

Hmm, Mr Jones might want to consider his position.

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