The Everyday Antisemitism Project

This project has been set up to record, monitor and share experiences of antisemitism, both on the street and on social media.  There’s a frightening abundance of material.  For example, you are probably aware of David Ward’s recent comments, but may perhaps have missed this response from a former Lib Dem MEP.

‘Pro-Palestinian’ demonstrators yell ‘death to the Jews’ at a man returning home from Synagogue with his little girl.

A student rants that Hitler should have ‘wiped out all those fucking Jews while he had the chance’.

Images which could have come straight out of Der Stürmer are on display in a rally against Israel in Paris.

Here is the project’s main site on tumblr; they also have a  Facebook page and you can f0llow them on Twitter here.

Gene adds: In a time of “See no evil on our side” among the Stoppers, Laurie Penny actually deserves some credit for observing (during an otherwise one-sided attack on Israel):

It’s stupid to pretend that nobody ever conflates Jews with Zionists, or labels the Jewish people bloodthirsty and barbarous. And it hurts like hell to hear hoary old words of hate trickling through a movement that is about justice, about freedom, about protecting some of the world’s most persecuted people. It hurts just as much, however, to hear right-wing Israelis tell Jews around the world that the violence is for us, for our ancestors, for our children.

Are there any other similar instances that readers can cite?