CAGE Prisoners appeals for financial assistance

Oh dear.

CAGE released the following statement on its website:

“CAGE has been under sustained pressure over the last few months since its business bank accounts were closed down. Our work continues to go from strength to strength, but without your help we may not be able to keep our head above the water for very long.

For over a decade, CAGE has been at the forefront of exposing the role of the UK government in rendition and torture and has been a persistent and vocal critic of UK counter-terrorism laws and policies.

Following the arrest of our Outreach Director Moazzam Begg in February 2014, there now appears to be a concerted effort to shut down CAGE. The reason for the delay in announcing this to our supporters is that we wanted to first exhaust all means available to us to rectify the situation.

We are only too aware of the climate of fear that exists in our community and we are conscious to avoid reinforcing that, but we have come to a point now where we simply cannot continue as we are, we urgently need your help.

– Barclays and the Co-Operative Banks have shut down CAGE’s business accounts without notice or explanation, in addition to the personal accounts of specific CAGE staff.

– The Charity Commission has launched an investigation into two of CAGE’s largest mainstream donors.

– Two of CAGE’s directors are being investigated by their professional regulatory bodies for the first time in their respective careers

They are now requesting cash donations – which they will collect in person. The statement continues:

Our detractors have also carried out these actions to try and instil fear into our community. We mustn’t allow ourselves to be intimidated. Our cause is a just cause and there is nothing for us to fear. Support CAGE and support the cause of justice by maintaining dignity and demonstrating your solidarity by lending your voice to the call for fairness and accountability.

Perhaps it is Divine wisdom that the advocates of justice will be targeted by sanctions and treated like criminals as CAGE is currently experiencing. We ask you to make dua in this blessed month that Allah accepts our work, guides us through these turbulent times and enables us to emerge stronger and an even more potent force defending those that society has chosen to abandon.