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The Snide Mocking of Wings Over Scotland

Wings Over Scotland is a crank site. Following a minor piece on the Huffington Post, this (using so not to give ‘them’ any web-hits) is one reason why:

There was an article on independence in the Huffington Post yesterday, which we’ve only just seen. Penned by one Dr Nicholas M Almond, a “cognitive neuropsychologist and author” who also has cerebral palsy – a physically debilitating condition but one which doesn’t affect mental capacity in any way – we think it may, word for word, be the most spectacularly ill-informed and offensively moronic article on the subject of Scotland ever to appear in a recognised and vaguely respectable publication.

What a cockweasel Stuart Campbell is.

UPDATE: Lamia in the comments reminds me – and possibly others – that Campbell previously used an obsolete and, in the context, gross offensive term for cerebral palsy as a catch-all insult:

Following a geeky ‘professional video game journalist’ argument in 2012 concerning which computer – the Commodore 64 or the ZX Spectrum – was the best, Campbell said of the magazine’s Commodore 64 verdict: “Last month’s Retro Gamer reached a similar conclusion for much the same set of spastic-faced reasons. (“Whine bleat SID chip wah wah wah.”).

“But fuck all of them, because they’re all cunts and they can suck our dicks.”

What a cockwomble he is.