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RT tries comedy

I’m sorry to report that the Russian government propaganda outlet RT America is launching a comedy program tonight.

It promises to be every bit as funny as similar efforts by Fox News and Press TV.

“Redacted Tonight” is hosted by some guy named Lee Camp, who promises it will be “a full-frontal punch to the face of the corporate elite.”

Now regular Harry’s Place readers know there’s nothing I enjoy more than a full-frontal punch to the face of the corporate elite. And there’s nothing more deserving of merciless mockery than close friends and associates of an authoritarian government leader using their connections to increase their obscene wealth to even more obscene levels.

That’s why I challenge Lee Camp to aim some of his full-frontal punches to the faces of Yury Kovalchuk, Vladimir Yakunin and some of Vladimir Putin’s other billionaire pals.

If he won’t, may I kindly suggest that he fuck off.

Update: Here’s the premiere episode:

The problem with “comedy” this clunky is that it tends to make you slightly sympathetic with its targets, even if they don’t deserve any sympathy.