Israel’s Memorial Day: Project ‘Remember Together’

This is a press release from WZO-UK

In preparation for Yom Hazikaron (Israel’s Memorial day) which will be commemorated on this coming Monday, May 5th, we at the Department for Diaspora activities of the WZO-UK have initiated a special project titled:“Remembering together”

The participants on this project are members of the Israeli salon, a communal group of Israeli students and young professionals set by the Department’s representative to the UK, Nir Cohen in 2012.

As part of the projects, a few of the members of the salon have volunteered to go and visit different Jewish communities across the UK in order to share their personal stories in regards to Yom Hazikaron. The volunteers are former combat soldiers of the IDF who will share with the local communities their personal experiences and will tell the stories of their friends who they lost.

The aim of this project is to better connect the local Jewish community to the meaning of Yom Hazikaron as a day of value for the state of Israel as well as for Jewish communities around the world in which we pay tribute to those who we thank for having a safe and prosper Israel as well as a safe and prosper Diaspora.

This project symbolizes the efforts of the Department for Diaspora activities in the UK to encourage the Israelis living abroad to be active and involved with the local Jewish community as we believe Israelis living abroad have a great potential as a living bridge between Israel and the Diaspora.

About the participants on the project and the different events: (the full names cannot be exposed as for security reasons.)

Scotland- O.A is a former tank commander in Gaza will be speaking in the community’s commemoration ceremony on Sunday 4th. Prior to the ceremony he will be meeting with students at the Glasgow university campus. O.A took part in many operational actions in Gaza and lost a few of his soldiers.

Leeds– T.B is a former combat soldier in the paratroopers commando unit. He served in Gaza as well as in Hebron. During his service he injured twice and lost two of his best friends. He will be speaking at the main commemoration ceremony in Leeds on Sunday the 4th. The next day he will be visiting the Leeds university JSOC.


Y.A is a former captain in the paratrooper brigade. He served in Gaza where he took part in majour operations. He will be sharing his story with the students at Oxford university on Sunday the 4th.

G.S is a former platoon commander of the paratrooper brigade. He served in Lebanon during the 90’s where he lost five of his soldiers. He will be speaking at the Chabbad Oxford Friday night dinner on May 9th.

Cambridge– R.S served as a combat soldiers in one of the IDF’s commando units. He took part in operations in Gaza, the West Bank and in the 2nd Lebanon war. R. will be speaking to the students at Cambridge University on Monday the 5th.

Birmingham- The Department for Diaspora activities representative to the UK, Nir Cohen will speak at the main community’s commemoration ceremony taking place on Thursday, May 1st. Nir served as a combat soldier in an artillery unit during the 2nd Lebanon war.


–      Red bridge- R.S will be also share his story at the main commemoration ceremony of the Red Bridge community in East London on Sunday 4th.

–      JW3- D.Z, a former combat captain who served in the West Bank during the 2nd “Intifada” will share his story and tell us about his friend who fell in battle in a special event taking place on Sunday 4th.