Stalinist Far Left still a disgrace at London May Day

This is a cross-post from MoreMediaNonsense

James Bloodworth has tweeted today about the Stalinist and Maoist banners that are still allowed to feature at the London May Day parade. These are the same or similar to the ones I blogged about at Harrys Place 5 years ago.

To allow Stalinists and Maoists to march with others of the mainstream Left including trade unionists is revolting. I just wonder on the mentality of the other marchers and such speakers as eg John Hendy from the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom (see flyerhere). How can they march with people carrying posters of Stalin. Its almost mind boggling.

I’m very glad James Bloodworth has picked up on this. Its great to see a journalist of mainstream Left views taking this up and I hope others do too. Extreme outliers of the Left have been given a free pass for far too long by the rest of the Left.