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Farage-Galloway convergence watch

So if by some horrible sequence of events, Nigel Farage becomes Britain’s next prime minister, will he appoint George Galloway as foreign secretary?

The Guardian reports:

The Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, has broken the consensus inside western intelligence by telling the BBC before his Europe debate with Nick Clegg that he believes the chemical attack in Syria last summer was conducted by the Syrian rebels, and not by the forces of the president, Bashar al-Assad.

Under continued pressure over his admiration for the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, Farage said: “I did admire what he had done over Syria. We were about to go to war in Syria because poison gas, sarin gas, had been used and everybody in London and Washington and Brussels assumed it had been used by Assad. And Putin said: ‘Hang on a second, don’t be so sure.’ It turns out it is more than likely it was the rebels that used the gas. If Putin hadn’t intervened we would now be at war in Syria.”

He added: “I admire him as operator and head,” adding that he was head and shoulders above Clegg.

His remarks are at odds with most expert opinion and the views of western intelligence.

In the face of massive evidence to the contrary, Galloway also blames the rebels for the chemical weapons attack that killed almost 1,500 Syrians last summer, although he entered total nutjob territory when he offered the “theory” that Israel supplied the weapons.

I don’t know if Farage agrees about Israel, but both he and Galloway seem willing, at a minimum, to assume the best about Assad and Putin.