Respect’s vision for the Arab World

Respect has just launched its new website.  Here is an extract from its brief explanation of the party’s policy on ‘the Arab world’.

The Arab people are one people with one language and one God; in Europe there are dozens of languages and many religions. Respects (sic) supports the idea of Arabs working towards unity, so they are not subject to the divide-and-rule policies of the imperial powers.

If you follow the link it is revealed that there are just four ‘imperial powers’: US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Elsewhere on the site we are informed that:

“Respect will always stand in defence of the marginalised and those who suffer from prejudice and discrimination.”

So why is Respect apparently airbrushing minority religions in the Middle East, the Egyptian Copts and Tunisian Jews, the Baha’i and Druze, out of the picture?  Why is multiculturalism the right agenda for the UK, but not for the Middle East, even though that region, as the birthplace of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, arguably has a longer tradition of religious diversity?